Technical Program

The workshop will take place on September 11, 2014. We continue our tradition of one-day single-track program including keynote speakers, paper sessions and panel/round table discussions. The details of the workshop program are as follows.

Program at a Glance
Thursday, September 11th, 2014
8:30 - 10:00

Welcome and Keynotes

  • Localization! Why and How in Mobile Networks, Lili Qiu (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Architectural Considerations for Connected Vehicles, Marco Gruteser (Rutgers University)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:00 Session 1 - Mobility Challenges
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:00 Session 2 - Virtualization For Mobile Environments
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:45 Session 3 - Information Centric Approaches

Session 1 Mobility Challenges
IP-Layer Soft Handoff Implementation in ILNP
Ditchaphong Phoomikiattisak and Saleem Bhatti
(Paper) (Slides)
A Policy-driven Approach to Access Control in Future Internet Name Resolution Services
Xiruo Liu, Wade Trappe and Janne Lindqvist
(Paper) (Slides)
SDN-Based Mobile Networking for Cellular Operators
Seil Jeon, Carlos GuimarĂ£es and Rui L. Aguiar
(Paper) (Slides)
LISP-ROAM: Network-based Host Mobility with LISP
Andrea Galvani, Alberto Rodriguez-Natal, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio and Fulvio Risso
(Paper) (Slides)
Session 2 Virtualization For Mobile Environments
ViFi: Virtualizing WLAN using Commodity Hardware
Katherine Guo, Shruti Sanadhya and Thomas Woo
(Paper) (Slides)
COAP: A Software-Defined Approach for Home WLAN Management through an Open API
Ashish Patro and Suman Banerjee
(Paper) (Slides)
Per-user Policy Enforcement on Mobile Apps through Network Functions Virtualization
Amedeo Sapio, Yong Liao, Mario Baldi, Gyan Ranjan, Fulvio Risso, Alok Tongaonkar, Ruben Torres and Antonio Nucci
(Paper) (Slides)
ParaDrop: A Multi-tenant Platform to Dynamically Install Third Party Services On Wireless Gateways
Dale Willis, Arkodeb Dasgupta and Suman Banerjee
(Paper) (Slides)
Session 3 Information Centric Approaches
R-iCDN: an Approach Supporting Flexible Content Routing for ISP-operated CDN
Tao Lin, Yuemei Xu, Guoqiang Zhang, Yonghui Xin, Yang Li and Song Ci
(Paper) (Slides)
Interest-aware Implicit Multicast (iCast): Opportunistic Mobile Data Dissemination Without Per-group Management
Saeed Moghaddam and Ahmed Helmy
(Paper) (Slides)
Enhancing Compact Routing in CCN with Prefix Embedding and Topology-Aware Hashing
Stefanie Roos, Liang Wang, Thorsten Strufe and Jussi Kangasharju
(Paper) (Slides)